Overview of Services

Indoor Air Quality Assessment of Residential and Commercial Buildings
We can take care of all your air quality needs by testing for the following:
– Chemical Contaminant Sources (VOC’s, formaldehyde, pesticides)
– Biological Contaminants (mold, bacteria, allergens)
– Particulate Contaminants (asbestos, silica, respirable dust)
– Moisture and Humidity Control
– Fresh Air Ventilation
– Thermal Comfort

We provide these services according to these standards, among many others:
– EPA: Air Quality Guidance for Building Owners and Managers
– ASHRAE: Standards for Ventilation and Thermal Comfort
– ACGIH: Guideline Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control
– EPA: Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings

Mold Inspection and Remediation
Taking care of all your mold needs from start to finish including:
– Inspect the indoor environment to identify suspect conditions
– Test suspect materials and providing an interpreted report
– Provide remediation scope of work with specific recommendations
– Perform remediation of contaminated materials (carpet, drywall, insulation…)
– Provide next step prevention

We provide these services in a negative pressure environment with HEPA filters according to
– ACGIH Guideline Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control
– EPA Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings
– EPA Criteria for Completion
-Asbestos Testing

We provide expert services to both commercial and residential clients:
– Asbestos Surveys
– Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM)
– Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)
– Air Testing
– Phases Contrast Microscopy (PCM)
-Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)
-Expert Consultation
-Basement Waterproofing

We can dry any wet basement or crawlspace by providing:

– Expert assessment of moisture source and pathways
– Install our patented Basement Technologies sub-floor drainage system
– Install our patented sump pump equipment and accessories
– Wall and floor treatments and systems
– Dehumidification and ventilation equipment

Construction and Workplace Health & Safety
Maintain safe workplaces by providing
– Exposure monitoring and testing
– Health and Safety Plans
– Confined Space Entry, Lockout / Tagout Programs
– Respiratory Protection Programs and Personal Protective Equipment
– Site Safety Officers

Healthcare Facility Compliance
– OSHA and Joint Commission Audits
– Laboratory Standard and Hazard Communication
– Isolation Rooms and Booths
– Ethylene oxide, Glutaraldehyde, Bloodborne Pathogens