Crawlspaces: To Vent or Not to Vent, that is the question

We have discussed mold activity at length regarding water intrusion and mold growth in basements. As we know, crawlspaces are also under the house, but are a different beast altogether. The lower building areas, such as basements and crawlspaces, most frequently develop mold amplification. We know that moisture is the limiting factor in mold growth.

So the question is: Should I vent my crawlspace or seal it up?

Historically, crawlspaces were vented by definition. Our most frequent finding has been that the ventilation is inadequate or somehow impaired. We wanted ample cross ventilation to capture and remove moisture that originated at floor level. We also recognized that because that meant bringing in outside air, there was the potential for moisture, either liquid or very high humidity, to be drawn into the space and increase the moisture load in the space. [Read more…]

Should I Spray Bleach on my Mold Growth?

The presence of active mold growth inside an occupied building requires remediation measures to remove the growth. Existing industry standards published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), American Industrial Association (AIHA), Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), American Conference of Industrial Hygiene (ACGIH) and others all emphasize  the need to remove the mold growth. This is defined as the demolition and removal of affected porous materials such as carpet, drywall and insulation, and the thorough cleaning of non-porous materials such as wood, metal, vinyl and hard plastic. [Read more…]

What is Sick Building Syndrome?

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a term used to describe a situation in which building occupants experience acute health effects or comfort issues that appear to be linked to the time spent in the building, with no specific illness or identified cause. SBS differs from Building Related Illness (BRI) because in BRI, the symptoms of diagnosable illness can be attributed to exposure to indoor air contaminants.  SBS refers to nonspecific symptom complaints such as irritation of the throat, eyes, nose, and skin, headaches, and fatigue.  These symptoms are felt by individuals while in their work space.  The symptoms may worsen throughout the work day and disappear when they leave the work building. [Read more…]

Customer Testimonial: Can’t Recommend These Guys Enough

Recurring sinus infections led me to look on the NJ Better Business Bureau to find a company specializing in mold inspection & remediation. Due to the reputation that mold remediation companies have for using fear tactics to charge a fortune, I was leery in my expectations. I selected ACS and scheduled an appointment to have a home inspection for mold. Matt did the inspection- he was thorough, knowledgeable and patiently answered all of my questions. I felt comfortable trusting him (he is neither an alarmist (the house is a disaster) or a ‘yes’ man (everything is fine). As I took him around the house, he explained his findings and talked me down when I wanted to send out samples of everything to be tested (each test sample is an extra charge). He recommended that 1 sample be tested (insulation from the HVAC) and took it with him. The report findings & recommendations were straightforward and made sense. The sample did contain mold. Remediation activities included cleaning the subfloor (behind the dropped ceiling) as well as removing the insulation and treating the inside of the HVAC chamber. Tony & Charles did the job impeccably. Owner Dave Kichula was a pleasure to deal with- answered questions/emails when I had them, and always took my phone calls. Air Consulting Services is old school quality, professionalism & customer service that is becoming a dinosaur. Can’t recommend these guys enough.

Edison NJ

Do Air Purifiers Work?

One of the common responses many folks have when they are feeling sick is to fire up an air purifier. This is particularly true when the sick person is a young child with a form of respiratory disease such as childhood asthma. Clients ask, “When do air purifiers work and when not. Is it worth the cost of the purchase and operation?” [Read more…]