Mold Activity in Basements: Where Does the Water Come From?

We have discussed mold activity at length in previous posts and videos. Mold contamination has become the most common indoor air quality issue we encounter, both in commercial and residential buildings. And the lower building areas, such as basements, crawlspaces and slab on grade areas, most frequently develop mold amplification. Since we know that moisture is the limiting factor in mold growth, we arrive at the following question:

Why does mold like the lower building areas and where does the moisture come from? [Read more…]

[VIDEO] Mold Assessment and Removal

Air Consulting Video, Overview of Mold Services

Whenever you have dampness, mold or other air quality problems in your home or office, we know you have questions. Important questions. At AIR Consulting, we have the answers.

Is your basement wet? Do you have mold concerns? The two frequently go together. [Read more…]

Mold Consultant Qualifications

We are often asked how the innocent consumer can determine that the mold company they hire is qualified. How do they know the difference between the professional and the charlatan? There are several important clues, as long as you know what to look for. [Read more…]

Mold Activity: Damage from Hurricane Sandy at the Jersey Shore

I have recently presented a number of discussions about mold, including the causes and the remedies. Many have appreciated the science and we have been fortunate to have helped many folks with their mold challenges. People understand that when you either eliminate the food or water, you can also eliminate the potential for further mold growth. [Read more…]

Mold Activity: Liquid Water Mold Remediation NJ

Wet Basement RepairIn my last discussion I focused attention on basements and crawlspaces where there may not be liquid water but where the relative humidity frequently reaches above 70%. As we discussed it all comes down to temperature. The humid outside air in summer is cooled to the prevailing temperature of around 60 F in a basement, automatically increasing the relative humidity. If the relative humidity outside is 50%, it may increase to 70-80% in a cool basement or crawlspace. That puts the air in the range of the dry-tolerant molds. Basements and crawlspaces are susceptible to mold activity simply because they are, well, basements and crawlspaces. [Read more…]