Indoor Air Quality Assessment – Walk Through Inspection


A thorough walk through inspection of each floor is conducted to investigate and determine potential sources of Indoor Air Quality contamination. The mechanical room air handling systems are visually inspected for microbiological contamination on the cooling and heating coils, drip pans and other system components. The maintenance records also are reviewed for each facility. Experienced field technicians qualitatively review the delivery capacities of the air handling systems to determine if air flow appears sufficient for the size and type building under investigation.

At locations and frequencies sufficient to characterize conditions and trends, comfort parameter (CO, CO2, temperature, relative humidity) readings are collected. We endeavor to collect comfort parameter samples at a rate of one sample for every 5,000 square feet of office space.

Upon completion of our visual investigation, the associated ventilation assessment/ventilation measurements (if required), measurement of comfort parameters, microbiological testing (if required), and analytical testing for volatile chemical compounds (if required), a report is generated. This report includes an assessment of our findings, the analytical data, and our recommendations and conclusions.

Temperature and Relative Humidity

Low humidity can cause eye, nose and throat irritation (particularly in the winter). High humidity encourages the growth of biological contaminants. The recommended range for humidity is 30% to 60%. ASHRAE recommends that temperature be maintained at 69 – 75oF in the winter and 73 – 79oF in the summer, with a relative humidity range of 30-60%.