Indoor Air Quality FAQ

What should I expect in a indoor air quality inspection?

A thorough walk through inspection of each floor is conducted to investigate and determine potential sources of Indoor Air Quality contamination. The mechanical room air handling systems are visually inspected for microbiological contamination on the cooling and heating coils, drip pans and other system components. Read More… 

What is Sick Building Syndrome? (SBS)

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a term used to describe a situation in which building occupants experience acute health effects or comfort issues that appear to be linked to the time spent in the building, with no specific illness or identified cause. Read More…

Do air purifiers work?

One of the common responses many folks have when they are feeling sick is to fire up an air purifier. This is particularly true when the sick person is a young child with a form of respiratory disease such as childhood asthma.  Read More…

What are some signs of indoor contaminants?

1. There is an odor that you can smell intermittently.
2. There is an odor that you can smell continuously.
3. There is an odor that I can smell initially and then it’s gone.
4. I don’t smell or see anything, but my grandson always gets sick when he comes over.
5. I am sick when at home but feel better when I’m on vacation.

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