[VIDEO] Mold Assessment and Removal

Air Consulting Video, Overview of Mold Services

Whenever you have dampness, mold or other air quality problems in your home or office, we know you have questions. Important questions. At AIR Consulting, we have the answers.

Is your basement wet? Do you have mold concerns? The two frequently go together.

Is there an impact on your air quality? Are you looking to get your air tested because of an odor or health issues?

First of all: Don’t Panic. No need to evacuate and pitch a tent in the back yard. Mold has been around way longer than we have and we have substantial tolerance. Most of the recognized health effects are allergy-related.

The most important step is to figure out what is going on. For virtually all indoor contaminants, and especially mold, the process is straight-forward science:

  1. Assess the indoor environment through thorough inspection to identify likely suspects.
  2. Test suspect materials to confirm the presence of contamination.
  3. Develop a plan of attach to eliminate the offending materials.

And we can definitely fix it. We have the training and experience to not only solve your problem but also to make sure that it doesn’t come back. This is true for residential AND commercial properties. For mold contamination:

  1. Remove contaminated porous materials (carpet, drywall, insulation etc.)
  2. Clean hard materials (wood, masonry, vinyl, etc.)
  3. Conduct all remediation work within a controlled negative pressure environment.
  4. Control the moisture (waterproofing system, dehumidifier, ventilation etc.)

How do we know so much? We have experienced Certified Industrial Hygenists on staff. The CIH designation is the gold standard in the air quality industry, and there are very few CIH’s in the world? And why is that? It’s a long and difficult path to become a CIH, and then continuing education is required to maintain your credentials. The education and experience is the key to understanding building science.

I’m Dave Kichula, owner of AIR Consulting Services. I have been a CIH for almost 30 years and have specialized in indoor air quality that entire time. Mold assessment and remediation is science, and you need someone who understands that science to help you permanently fix your mold problem. Science has the answers, and we know the science. If you want your wet basement or mold problem resolved for good, give us a call. We can help. We look forward to eliminating your mold problem and making sure that it doesn’t come back. Thank you.