Mold Inspection in Residential Buildings

Mold is ubiquitous in nature and usually is not a cause for worry. Active mold growth in a home can make people sick, and even sensitize them to future mold exposure.  As a result, active mold growth should not be tolerated in an occupied home.

Due to an emphasis on energy conservation, our homes are sealed up tighter than ever before.  In many cases, homes remain sealed all year long, depending on mechanical air conditioning and heating.  As a result, natural ventilation has been reduced or eliminated.  This allows conditions such as moisture to persist and do harm.

At the same time, the use of building materials such as drywall, carpet and fiberglass insulation has dramatically increased. The problem is that these materials happen to support massive mold activity.   By combining the increased moisture with susceptible materials and reduced ventilation, mold growth has found opportunities in the indoor environment like never before.

The key to an effective mold inspection is to include these three important factors (moisture, food and ventilation) in the assessment.  This approach is described in virtually all of the existing industry standards and is really the only way to provide a credible inspection.

Since moisture is a key factor, we focus on areas that are naturally damp and humid, such as basements and crawlspaces, or in areas that are prone to water leakage, such as bathrooms and kitchens.  We look everywhere where there is any evidence of moisture intrusion.

When the inspection is completed, the inspector should have enough information to perform intelligent testing.  We focus on source materials, those items like carpet or insulation that are suspected to harbor mold activity.  Air samples are a poor diagnostic tool and can actually be grossly misleading.  Air samples should never be used alone in a mold assessment.

If you see mold in your home or if you suspect you might have hidden mold, give us a call at 609.371.2489.  We will help you determine whether there is significant mold, and if so, prescribe straight-forward, effective ways to eliminate it.  That is what we do.

At AIR Consulting Services, LLC, we have the training and the experience to not only find and solve your mold problem but also to make sure it doesn’t come back.  We know the science behind mold, so we are able to not just find it but also determine why it grew in the first place.  To read more about the inspection process click here.