Mold Remediation in Residential Buildings

Due to the large amount of time that you and your family spend inside the home living with mold is something that you definitely don’t want to do.  Mold can easily affect your health when you spend a large amount of time around it.  If there is any mold, it should be removed as quickly as possible

When removing mold, there is a danger of spreading it while it is being removed. Due to this factor it is advised by OSHA that any area larger that 3ft by 3ft should be handled by trained professionals.

At Air Consulting Services we are very cautious and follow all safety procedures to make sure the contaminated area stays contained. We do this by doing all of our work in a negative pressure environment created by a HVAC Trap which creates an inflow of air and pumps the air outside.

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There are two different types of material that mold grows on. They require two different methods for removing the mold; porous materials and semi-porous material. The porosity of the materials affected by moisture is the primary consideration is determining whether a material can be salvaged.

Porous materials such as carpet, fiberglass insulation and drywall readily support mold growth, are usually impossible to thoroughly clean and should be discarded if they have developed mold growth.  We take all moldy porous material back to our offices and despose of it in our dumpster.

Semi-porous materials can usually be cleaned and salvaged, unless the water damage has affected the structural integrity of the component.  Wood materials such as dimensional lumber, plywood and most finished wood surfaces are reasonably resistant to moisture damage.  Hard surfaces such as metal, vinyl and painted masonry can usually be cleaned and salvaged.  Unfinished masonry is classified as semi-porous, and can generally be cleaned by thorough HEPA vacuuming.  Unfinished masonry frequently benefits from encapsulation with an antimicrobial sealer after the unfinished surface has been cleaned.

No matter what mold problem that you have, Air Consulting Services has the tools to fix it. We also are able to identify the problem and suggest prevention going forward. We are experts in all aspects of mold. So whether it is moisture problem or a water leak, we can provide a plan to make sure that you never have another mold problem.