Special Offer: Mold Assessment for NJ Homeowners Flat Fee of $500

Did you know that mold and other biological contaminants account for more than 70% of the air quality issues commonly found in homes? There are other contaminants of course, such as asbestos, VOC’s, formaldehyde and pesticides, and we can test for them all.

Out of all the contaminants mold clearly leads the pack in home air quality issues and the solution is to conduct a credible mold assessment. We will take the time to assess all suspect contaminant sources, perform targeted mold testing as indicated by the inspection, and offer science-based solutions to eliminate the problem.

We offer this service to our residential clients in New Jersey for the flat fee of $500.

If you see or suspect mold in your home – give us a call at 609.371.2489

This offer is based on the collection of no more than three mold samples. Should you want more testing, or testing for other contaminants, we will be happy to provide those additional costs. Our offer is for a thorough mold assessment based on consensus scientific standards published by EPA, NIOSH, AIHA and many others.

That is the value of our experience and honesty.

Our goal is to return your home to a safe and healthy condition, so that you can live in comfort.

We sum it up with this phrase:

Breathe easy, baby! How can AIR help you breathe?