[VIDEO] Mold Assessment and Removal

Air Consulting Video, Overview of Mold Services

Whenever you have dampness, mold or other air quality problems in your home or office, we know you have questions. Important questions. At AIR Consulting, we have the answers.

Is your basement wet? Do you have mold concerns? The two frequently go together. [Read more…]

Mold Consultant Qualifications

We are often asked how the innocent consumer can determine that the mold company they hire is qualified. How do they know the difference between the professional and the charlatan? There are several important clues, as long as you know what to look for. [Read more…]

How to Check For Mold in House – Mold Removal Experts NJ

Checking for mold in your house is part of smart household maintenance. Mold grows in damp, dark areas and can cause serious damage to your house and health if it grows undetected. Knowing how to check for mold in your house is an important part of saving money, health problems and your home’s structure. [Read more…]

What Makes Mold Grow in New Jersey?

Folks often ask me what mold needs to grow indoors.  The answer is pretty simple because it involves only three things.  Just like most creatures, mold needs food, moisture and suitable temperatures.  Inside a home or office, the moderate temperatures are usually a given, so we are down to two.  The three main food groups that mold seems to enjoy are carpet, drywall and fiberglass insulation.  This is not a complete list, since mold will colonize on a lot of other materials, such as vinyl, wood, paint and leather.  The three main food groups are so common, however, that they account for the vast majority of mold problems. [Read more…]