Mold Activity in Basements: Where Does the Water Come From?

We have discussed mold activity at length in previous posts and videos. Mold contamination has become the most common indoor air quality issue we encounter, both in commercial and residential buildings. And the lower building areas, such as basements, crawlspaces and slab on grade areas, most frequently develop mold amplification. Since we know that moisture is the limiting factor in mold growth, we arrive at the following question:

Why does mold like the lower building areas and where does the moisture come from? [Read more…]

Testimonial: My wet basement is dry now!

Dear Dave,

I am writing to compliment Peter Boris and his team of “Basement Waterproofers.”

He did everything that he promised to do from A to Z in an efficient and thorough manner.

Our basement was filled with several inches of water from a recent deluge of wind and rain. The basement and its contents were almost all destroyed.

His team of professionals worked long hours and stayed till their job was completed.

He left us with virtually a new basement that was dry and clean.

I can’t. say enough about what accomplished in a relatively short period of time. I will recommend him and his team to my friends and family.

Thanks, Peter

Paul Pavone
North Brunswick NJ

Testimonial for Basement Technologies

Dear Mr. Kichula,

I am very pleased with the basement water control system that was recently installed for me.

I had cheaper quotes for a French drain but I was impressed with this system. Also, it looks so neat and the pump is so quiet as opposed to the noise of the old system.

Mr. Boris worked very hard and was very professional – he explained each step as he was going to do it.

I would recommend Basement Technologies anytime.

Jean Turk
Hamilton Square NJ

Customer Testimonial Water Damage NJ


We want to thank you sincerely for your efforts in getting to our home 10/30/12 & 10/31/12 and for your service and use of your generator.

It wasn’t a pleasant experience but you made it a bearable one. Thank you for the clean up of the water and rug clean up. Your promptness is greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Vince & Helen
Monroe Twp NJ


Mold Activity: Liquid Water Mold Remediation NJ

Wet Basement RepairIn my last discussion I focused attention on basements and crawlspaces where there may not be liquid water but where the relative humidity frequently reaches above 70%. As we discussed it all comes down to temperature. The humid outside air in summer is cooled to the prevailing temperature of around 60 F in a basement, automatically increasing the relative humidity. If the relative humidity outside is 50%, it may increase to 70-80% in a cool basement or crawlspace. That puts the air in the range of the dry-tolerant molds. Basements and crawlspaces are susceptible to mold activity simply because they are, well, basements and crawlspaces. [Read more…]